How Can I Help You Today?

Doing the small jobs you don’t have time for

website design and revamp

Need files converting from one format to another? Not sure how to install and customise WordPress? Need help with profile images for Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks? Let me save you time and effort by doing the small jobs.

Find out more about how I can save you time, letting you get on with your business.


Writing Posts For Blogs


Not everyone has the time to write blog posts. Your skills may lie elsewhere but still you recognise the need for an updated blog for your business.

I can help you with coaching or even write the posts for you. Find out more about how I can help you.

WordPress Coaching


If you or a member of your team wants to know how to get the most out of WordPress then I can offer a personalised coaching course that will bring them up to speed.

Items covered include; writing posts, customising the look and feel of the site and how to select plugins to add functions and features. I will also explain how to use categories and tags to organise your posts for you and your readers benefit.

Find out more about how I can help you.

Social Media And Your Business


Social media can make the difference between a business doing well and a business doing fantastically. It’s the easiest method to get the word out that you exist and can generate sales, keep repeat customers and find new ones.

Knowing how to use the right ones is important. You could either be too occupied to do anything else or not use them enough to be effective.

Find out how I can help you and create a plan that you can actually use.